Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Spend Some Time in Saddle

I recently read a wonderful blog about the dangers of prayer. That's right the danger which comes from inexperience with prayerful states in marriages and in the lives of individuals. Often times couples and individuals don't actually pray and they only pray when looking for direction and consolation. It sometimes resembles a superstitious experience where they await a feeling or sign much like messing with a Ouigi board.

Time for structured prayers which are balanced and time tested are the best course of action. Await the change in  yourself and not some lightening bolt, dream or rainbow. The only way to distinguished between some sentimental suggestive altered state is to spend time in the saddle. You must practice with all the safety equipment. Study the prayer and the way. Read traditional prayers and do it daily repeatedly over time you will learn to discern the difference between the feeling and the experience. Talking spontaneously and venting is not synonymous with prayer. Often times one could substitute Jesus with their own it would be of little consequence to their experience.

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