Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christ's Life Was Not Fortuitous

The actual objective of the run is the disruption of inertia; more specifically spiritual inertia. Rather then blame our bodies for its imperfections  or life for its trials, collaborate with your physical nature to break the cycle of inactivity and learned helplessness. We have been plagued with a superficiality, a dismissive arrogance and have neglected our personal duty.

It may be argued that much is beyond our immediate control and that life's circumstances have the upper hand. In reality this external locus of control is a fallacy, self-limiting and feeds a defeatist ideology. It does more than give permission for inaction but actually encourages a state of paralysis and a renunciation of personal accountability.

Through a change of heart and attitude we can learn to refute the entrapment of the enemy and come to the realization about what is fundamental to our personhood; our free will and personal volition. This liberty bestowed from our Creator is the basis for the premise and principle of an internal locus of control.

Christ the true wounded-healer was a revolutionary. He taught during his three year public campaign and ministry that God lives within each of us that we are the Temple of the Holy Spirit; the Sanctuary.  He empowered each of us teaching that there is no situation, not even the circumstance of our very personhood which overtakes the will of the individual. He detailed that there was neither male or female, Jew or Greek, slave or free man that could limit an individuals quest or run for the crown of glory. We are actually free to chose to overcome circumstance and adversity in our attitude. Our Lord overcame homelessness, ridicule,  false witness, imprisonment, torture and death. Christ's life was not fortuitous by our modern sensibility and yet he brought peace, joy and salvation.

We may not be free to change the world as it is but we are free to change how we understand it. It is about how we interface with the world and with God. If you spend your time convincing me or yourself of your tribulation you leave no room for anything good to enter. Even if you succeeded in convincing me of your tragic circumstance I have done nothing to assist you.

Attitudes and reactions are attracting forces. Especially once we reach the age of accountability we invite our own conditions through our frame of reference. We need to quit right now practicing negativity put off the childish things. We are called to be as children but not childish. How empowering to have the faith, innocence and trust of a child with the skill set of an adult.

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