Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Magnificent Bridge

This photograph is to be contemplated and we are left to digest this image. I don't quite know how to express myself but somehow the struggle of this life made plain and the cost of being an Orthodox Christian less obscure.

I am grateful that I belong to a Church which serves as the most sound and magnificent bridge to my God, my Redeemer and the Holy Spirit. The Church in all Her wisdom even in this place of attempted desecration has again presented us with a bridge through the filth to our destination.

The lost souls who did this unconsciously has recreated the way of the cross, which perpetually rescues, in their own lives. This photograph is disturbing yes but it also is triumphant. Iconographer Elias Damianakis, Archon Maestor, pointed out that even when you attempt to desecrate the sacred image and seek to bring humiliation to the cross it takes you through (the mud). The sacrificial nature of the cross can't be removed as it is the very nature of the artifact.

I was reminded that we are in a spiritual war and the warfare continues. We cannot escape our calling to take up our spiritual armor and engage. We are soldiers in the militant Church and are fighting as privilaged members of the Kingdom of God.

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