Saturday, December 25, 2010

Therapeutic Trappings

     Maintaining the primary distinction between Orthodox psychotherapy and secular therapies is central to healing; this distinction directly effects methodology. This understanding was pivitol and undeialble the more cucial element in my clinical practice and the defining moment in my professional career.
      While both Orthodox psychotherapy and the human sciences are aimed at helping individuals how that assistance is operationalized is pivital. It is more then simply a nueanced or stylistic difference in approach it is critical in setting the tregectory and course.  Diagnostics and assessments are  determined by key concepts based on the personhood of the individual.  Human sciences seek out flank intellectually metaphysical  presuptositions and understanding regarding cause and effect. Wile iproving the quality of someones life may be a given for the modern counselor it may not be necessarily the best course for the Orthodox clinician based on deeper more pressing concerns dealing with the complexity of the person and not simply superficial comforts. Orthodox psychotherapy liberates both the practioner and the participant from the modern mechanistic interpretation of the human condition with its pathology based underpinnings and trappings. There is a natural inclination to feel more at ease with Orthodox psychotherapy as a preferred treatment type because it embraces the totality of the person .  it is a more respectable approach to suffering demonstrating how spiriutality transends the materialists one sided needless questioning as if deciefrering a code of what they deterine to be logical constants. Orthodox Christians are interested in asking the larger questions of purpose which defers the natural  inclination to shore up one's defenses to avert blame and guilt. This more user friendly holistic approach lends itself  to a more fulfilled existence and because this the process has been liberated from secular traditionalism.
      It is about more then simply reframing the sessions. It is about its mission and function. I hope to provide the language with which to assist Orthodox brothers and sisters the tools to explain what they already know to battle the rhetoric of the world. This birds eye view is a more liberating and empowering way of viewing your life. My professional work both in the privacy of the office and in more public settings like church halls has served as a way to encourage and build up for the journey to reclaim our birthright (baptismal rebirth) as Orthodox Christians which has freed us from the bondage of zombie like living where humanistic impositions and limitations are banished. Together we raise the bar of expectation for wonderful things in your life.
      The fear of the unknown keeps people from getting want they want personally and professionally. It is a way of settling for what you have out of a fear of what should or could be. Augment your skill set and your support system. Move through your fear learn more effective problem solving techniques. With each success your confidence and momentum will build.
      By identifying what you value you will prioritize more effectively and will learn true gratitude and inner peace.

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