Tuesday, December 28, 2010

One Body Many Members Not Murderers

A unified Church is non-negotiable. It is as fundamental as the nature of the Holy Trinity. Just as the Trinity is Three Persons One but not confused so to the Church with the Bridegroom as the Head is able to accommodate diversity. To sequester one member of the Church is not to offer an unfair advantage to the other members but rather to place all at a disadvantage. It is a way of cover controlling and contriving the Church as one's limited vision can accommodate. The diversity of the Church and its members not matter how colorful or diverse cannot compare with the fullness of God and should not attempt to limit the Glory that is God's.

We fail to recognize that the Holy Orthodox Church proper is not a religion it is not a territorial jurisdiction but the movement of Christ and the only jurisdiction is the globe. There needs to be order and anything resembling confusion or disunion considered an affront to Almighty God. It is a destructive diversion from Truth and from what is pre-ordained. Of course there are practical applications and the institutional body of the Church provides the safety and assurance for the laity by adhering to Order and Tradition. We cannot dispense with the structure of the Church without destroying the beauty and Majesty of what is Orthodoxy.

Let's not forcefully or artificially however impose lesser understanding to the Church of Christ. We are on a journey in this life and we move closer to the Light of Christ. We cannot control the Light we can only be enlightened by it. We have to turn from the darkness. The drama of it all is a shame we can check out of  "the crazies" anytime we wish with each small step each small commitment to awake to find that we have move closer to God and further from the painful abyss of brokenness.

Additionally we must be vigilant against despising our brother or sister who have been given the more honorable seat. We must not resent being the toe or the bowel of the Body. We are each as individuals and collectives given tasks according to our need according to our talent. If we become puffed up with conceit and pride then we might find ourselves placed in the back of the Church not because of a lacking in skill but temperament. We pray for all things which benefit our soul not our status. If our brother or sister succeed for the glory of the Church then we should rejoice and back there play not murder them in our thoughts.

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