Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Create New Access Points

We must create news ways of relating to God and to ourselves. We need to set new ground rules for what is acceptable what is respectable. Lacking respect for ourselves we are unable to give that which we lack to others. We can't presume to give what we don't have. Depression and despondency have their root in disappointment and anger. Anger with God disappointment in ourselves.

Create new access points, innovative ways of relating to God, to your body to your very history. Reassign your body a new task one not narrowly defined. We have trapped our bodies into an unwinnable circumstance one which denies its potential and limits it to a vain unattainable ideal. Even for the few truly blessed with that beauty and symmetry of form and function it often times will undermine the inner person if seen as an end unto itself.

Abstain from hateful thoughts, speech and deeds. Even ones aimed at oneself. Establish challenging but attainable goals which employ  Biblical Principles and Orthodox Ideals which results in a life enhanced and a more authentic existence. Define your value as a person not as the world does but as God's elect should.

Remember we will be made anew: body, soul and spirit.  We are reunited with our bodies in the Life to Come so we must repent with the body also. We will be weighed and measured on Christian ideals not worldly processions or attachments. Put down your chains, hold yourself apart from what is worldly and be creative, be traditional, keep to a higher standard and remember be lenient.


Jeremiah said...

The great thing about the Orthodox Church is that we have all the fullness of the life in Christ to raise above the things that weigh us down. Every Holy Mystery is a means of cooperating with God to transform us into His likeness.
We have this fullness, and should (indeed MUST) share this life with the World. I read a great transcript of a talk given by Heiromonk Damascene about Orthodox Preaching of the Gospel. I copied and posted it to my blog. EXCELLENT read!
The things you shared on this post fit into that topic nicely, I think.

The Orthodox Church said...
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