Saturday, February 5, 2011

St. Christopher, Tama and Papou

This blog entry is a re post from  Yesterday at 6:55 pm my fathe- in-law Nikitas died of respiratory failure due to emphysema. He was survived by his wife of 46 years; his four children and ten grandchildren. He had his family with him as he left this life. Although bed ridden he never lost his enthusiasm for having his grandchildren close from 16 years to 9 months.We are all thankful for the additional three years of blessings, laughter and his good looks.

i headed out at almost five pm and finished 2:45.47 hours later. my intention was 4. the thought of 8 i couldn't bear and my 6 mile course was not appealing. as it turned out i ran and ran and ran. from my home to seven springs blvd, to keystone/mcmullen, to 580 onward mease dunedin hospital to visit my father in law [he had been hospitalized for complications from his emphysema]. i called my husband from tire kingdom, just north of landsbrook, and told him to get ready and pack the kids to go visit his dad and i'd meet them there. with no water or fuel, this was definitely something i felt, in the moment, called to do. just my ipod, my prayer, my intention and determination. i have learned not to talk about what i will do but to just do.

i drank from the water fountain at tire kingdom (gross). then my husband stopped and met me twice where i drank some flavored h20 and took one dollar for a candy bar that i could pick up at mile 15. i purchased a snickers from a drive-thru convenience store ( i find that funny). i was driven to run. my father-in-law can't hardly breath or move; but i can and did, somehow for the both of us. the last three miles seemed like six; not knowing any of the distances until the return trip in the car. it was my time with God and it was all i felt i could do to really help. i hoped and believed that the effort of my running made my prayer more sincere.

inspired in part by saint christopher who before his conversion was a cannibal and a giant of a man. he carried travelers (for a price) across the river (or lake) i can't recall. then one day he carried a small child. he couldn't hardly manage the weight he felt. he didn't understand why this giant of a person (think like andrea the giant) was so weighed down and exhausted. the folk law explains then when he looked up at this small child who was heavier then any man he carried it was Jesus. (think of the apostle paul his on the way to damascus). Saint Christopher then converted to Christianity. He is traditionally depicted carrying a small Jesus. he is also depicted with the face of a dog or donkey because he was so ugly. i felt that i could at least in spirit, carry my bony butt, father in law, with me on this journey. after all st joseph carried the Savior. the greek people call this type of prayer or commitment a "tama".
see you all on sunday! what is the mileage? by the way, you all did great at your half. i can't wait for the marathon when we can all do our very best.


Jeremiah said...

May your father-in-law's memory be eternal.

Jeremiah said...

May his memory be eternal.