Thursday, December 16, 2010

skepticism doubt and being mental

Sometimes there is simply nothing that alters our fractured existence, loniless, social isolation and feelings of helplessness and skepticism. It is difficult to affirm with sincere confidence that God Almighty will do anything to intervene on our behalf. It seems completely delusion, shallow and narcissistic to expect our needs will garner mercy or intervention in light the millions of nameless captives of world trapped by tyranny, oppression and poverty.

Although vital to us, our psychic tyrade obviously pales in comparison to world hunger, disease, trafficking or homelessness. I think it is more likely that we'll wake to find Him beside us consoling but not rescuing. Perhaps He waits for us to figure it out or to be grateful for not suffering worse things. Maybe all of our give me prayers are disappointing.

For the time being what we suffer may be in our heads and simply a personal problem. This entry is though lacking in optimism is vital if this blog is to be candid and an authentic expression of the doubt we all experience. Sometimes optimism is fleeting and personal strife, doubt and lethargy is our only company.

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