Thursday, December 16, 2010

Charity Begins and Ends with Individuals

Ba Hum Bug.
Charity begins at home. This Christmas Season I'm reminded of how institutionalized we have become. All charitable giving has been defaulted to corporate offices. Non-for-profit charter regulations and everything business as usual. 

Retail chains simply offer drop locations in their stors with the hope that it will mean an increase in revenue as families shop for the unforunate. Nationally recognized holiday charity fund drives merely collect donations to assist in the facilitation of gift distribution for nonprofit organizations to give to needy families already served by their companies. Essentially they have the private sector underwrite their charitable work.

Countless children and families who are not currently or chronically served are omitted. Let us take responsibility for our good works. Let us commit to finding the needy and the less fortunate in our own parishes and neighborhoods. We tend to buy that toy and drop it off to relieve ourselves from a case of the guilts.

Give donations to individuals who do good works to continue their effort to express our gratitude. I try and match need for youths who demonstrate initiative and dedication to developing their talents. If you would like to find out how drop me an email. Do good don't pass your buck. Find a child or adult and adopt them this Christmas help become a Secret Santa Remember the Salvation Army is not a charity it is a denomination.

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