Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Lord of The Dance

By stepping into the run, this activity of children will change you.   If you set out to run prayerfully you will be suprised at what unfolds. The invitation to "Come and See" is open. "Seek and you will find" is promised to us. As you set your course in search of this spiritual experience there will be times when if feels like a guessing game.

I am reminded of the last week of my first pregnancy when I thought every cramp was the onset of labor. I was told, as are all first time mothers, "You will know" (and I did). You will know when the synergy of the run overtakes the tedious preoccupation with running.  Being fixated on the running, to the point of distraction is transitional you will move past it. It is merely part of starting, of beginning and you will move through this like you will move beyond other distractions. Use running to find time alone with God  begins simply by lacing up and putting one foot in front of the other repeatedly.

Your intention sets you apart from your sedandary friends and from others runners. Remember not to obsess about trying too hard; you are not actually practicing the run but being mindful of your objective to pray. The run is the vehicle which has a host of secondary gains to be sure, but they are secondary. Your committment to consistently set time aside to run out to meet God will take you there. You will find yourself praying often times without words but with awareness.  With each step you set out to meet The Lord of The Dance: "'Dance there whereever you may be I am The Lord of The Dance' said He and 'I'll lead you all wherever you may be. And I'll lead you all in The Dance' said He". 

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