Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Deciding, Doing, and Documenting

Calling all runners all Orthodox Christians to run the good race. I am currenly providing a nation-wide, free of charge, team-in-training program for Orthodox Christians. Its purpose is to create a presence of Orthodox Christians in the running community by networking through the internet, assisting local communities begin small running groups to address our common need for koinonia (fellowship).

As the founder and team leader I provide a four day a week beginner training schedule to anyone  interested in beginning to run. The main function of this forum will be to share Orthodoxy with fellow runners (matyria, witness) to create a real sense of community (koinonia, fellowship) and to ultimately raise awareness of religious freeedom abuses (diakonia, service).
I am willing to help each of you with whatever your personal training needs are.  The move of the run is flowing and therapeutic, the work of the run will subside. It is still labor, but not work, not tedious or arduous. By employing basic principles of conditioning you will get conditioned. Operant and Classical Conditioning, Continuity and Tokens approaches to behavior modification can help move you through your training. Working for tokens for example setting goals and short term objectives, gives payoffs and increases motivation. The Continuity or Ritual Type is a set-up which increases the likelihood that once you begin the process the domino effect takes place. Operant conditioning is simply reinforcing positive behavior with reward and extinguishing negative. As for classical conditioning you pair pleasure with sensory input.

By taking serious note of what you feel and experience you tag your own currency or payoffs. For me sweat is as trigger a payoff a tonic level of exerersion. I realize I'm making a differenceas evidenced by a lowered resting hear rate, a smaller pant size, an internal locus of control. This is my fountain of youth where wisdom replaces the aches of aging. Increase your measure of success by deciding, doing, and documenting.
training needs are. 

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