Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Avoidant and Complacent

Life’s trials and tests are an opportunity for growth. In actuality each moment is the decisive moment at hand. Don’t fold under the fear of success. This fear drowns us in self-pity; let's not continue bound by self defeating beliefs which keep us contained, unfulfilled and miserable.  Smash to smithereens all the self doubt removing all the ‘yeah buts’ from your conversation and internal dialogue. Get honest about becoming real with yourself. 

Having become too practiced at complaining and holding a grudge against our bodies, childhoods,  parents, and God we opt to live in a ego dystonic mindset. By living counter intuitively we in effect regularily choose not to be healed but to remain a paralytic. It is time to set aside that defeatist mindset and do something about it.

Get practiced at being honest, grateful, strong and trusting. The subconscious, the part of us that stuffs all our hang-ups down, will be free to explore  a new dimension: the one free of judgment which recognizes intuitively that we are doing something grand and that our past died. This is the first day of the rest of your life. By engaging the mind, body and soul you will be transformed and transfigured by the process.

Authenticity comes with owning personal strengths and understanding perceived weakness. By learning how the greatest obstacles set before us are both self-imposed and a mental exercise of refusal;  we must accept responsibility for our learned helplessness. To become complacent and avoidant is an affront to your calling as children of God and self-proclaimed servants. Being called to righteousness let's make the journey home.

Start today by identifying new guidelines for engagement. Don't resist recommendations don't be dismissive afterall it's not working. Take a challenge read, pray and move! 


Jeremiah Nelson said...

I like how the Jesus Prayer is a tool whereby we can do this very thing you are saying. We don't fear success, failure, thoughts, whatever. We can accept that they come to us, turn them over to the authority of Christ with those powerful words, pleading for His mercy.
I love the transforming grace and tangibility of the Orthodox faith.

Angela Damianakis m.s.w said...

Jeremiah, thanks for your input. Later today I'll follow this up with the need for rules. Prayer rules structure and follow up not to be confused with rigidity.