Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Orthopraxis is tangible

Orthopraxis is tangible.
Orthodoxia is an abstract.

In utilizing the social media phenomenon sweeping the Internet and now through blogs we are connected in ways unforeseen even ten years ago. This may prove to  be an amazing resource for the church and I hope to contribute in small part to to this online outreach.  Together we can come from the isolation and cast our vision for how Christians can best be served by this exciting format.

Banishing aimless meandering. You don't  have to be a different person you simply need to establish new rules of engagement.  If we want a different outcome we need to establish new parameters. Challenge yourself by embarking on this journey. Without challenge there can be little meaningful and intelligent change. Set the tone, the context and the conditions to be totally present in the moment before God. These moments, these out of this world experiences, make their arrival during prayer:

We can be running,  peeling potatoes, sweeping the floor, and motionless. I require regular demanding activity to reach this place of solitude and honesty before God. Running fully engages my body demanding my attention and overt commitment. It's what it takes me to clear the flight of ideas, the fragmented thinking,and everyday distractions with the monotonous malaise which plagues daily living.
Physical labor is one of the best educators of Christian traits. St. Paul describes discipleship as the good race the wreath of  glory. Conditioning especially paired with an openness to prayer and God stomps out (slothfulness, despair, lust for power and idle talk)  learned helplessness and learned avoidance. The Christian code of conduct is enforced naturally with a good training mindset: Charity, humility patience and love.  Dedication, persistence, endurance, loyalty, perseverance and stamina all Biblical principles.
I suggest getting off the proverbial therapeutic couch and in effect use our bodies, stress them and engaging them in our spiritual work actively. By taking the abstract and making it material the theoretical is operationalized and self-evident. I believe once we have a firm working knowledge of these principles and skill set we will easily integrate and assimilate our strengths into core functioning and approach to living.

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Jeremiah said...

This is not unlike the prayer advice of the the late Met Bloom (may his memory be eternal) to an old woman he advised to "knit before the face of God." I believe this is what the Jesus Prayer is meant to do, focus our thoughts when we are not in still prayer.
While the prayers done in silence and stillness are the anchor of all prayer, I agree that activity can be an extension of that prayer. Indeed the Scriptures and the Church from which they come teach us to pray without ceasing. What a great reminder.