Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Fifty-Six Days to Renewel

A tonic state, the synergy between your body, mind and soul can occur in anything you do. By moving your body, you draw in the attention of your mind and free yourself from what distracts you from the needs of your soul. By nudging your comfort zone you will transform yourself. In fifty-six days you can experience a spiritual shift in your connectedness.

By consistently setting time aside to experience an intimate exchange between you and God you exponentially increase the likelihood that you will find what you seek. God rewards our efforts because of His abundant mercy. Much can be done to encourage the tranformative power of prayer: attend church, read scripture, observe fasts and commit to a 'labor of love' a challenging activity; the result will be obvious.

We are all enticed by our favorite chair, the convenience of the remote and a good show but we would unequivocally be better served by a stillness-creating physical activity. For me it is about the run, about a day at marathon,  for you it may be a brisk walk, bike ride or laps in a pool. With repeated exposure to such an effort, the spark and flame ignited in you will burn more brightly.

 A considerable amout of your learning, of reshaping your mind, body and soul relationship is state-dependant. Put simply a majority of the educational process transpires during labor. You must decide what your activity will be and follow through. You will not be able to access the state until you are laboring again so employ your declarative memory by making mental lists and taking note of changing in thinking, feeling and being. As you are engaged in your activity use these mental notes to create trigger words and take note of sensations (like sweating) or deep breathing.

Be sure to plan, recommit daily, chose a mentor, tag mental and physical states and journal. Remember to properly frame experiences for example breathing deeply is not synonymous with being out of breath. You don't have to write a manifesto or blog but you must keep an accounting to track progress and insight into struggle and success. Watch for patterns that coalesce to bring you to moments of clarity and well being. Everyday you must choose to break a sweat for thirty minutes for at least 4 times a week for the first fifty-six days while cross training on off days. Cross training in this endeavor is reading, writing and reflecting on your journey. If you get bored push harder.Your challenge threshold must be enough to keep you engaged but not overwhelmed.

The key to establishing the ideal settings for stillness-creating physical activity  is to find your tonic level: the place within a range between boredom and overwhelmed and to recreate that space repeatedly and with regularity. That sweet-spot takes time to find and and practice to access consistently so be patient. Don't complicate things: to increase the level of difficulty go faster, to decrease the challenge slower.  The tonic level of exertion is the perfect balance between exertion and skill.

(If you are interested in a running program please contact me).

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