Monday, November 15, 2010

Blog Challenge Kickoff Official Blog Launching

The Burning Bush
Individuals want intuitively what is missing in their life: acceptance, understanding, validation and unconditional love. They seek refuge from disapproving tones and judgements which cast dispersions on them.
Orthodox Counsel is designed to compliment traditional Orthodox support networks. We all can celebrate victories, empathize with challenges and share relevant personal experiences aimed at assisting one another gain greater self awareness and personal success.
As one part of the greater Orthodox nexus my effort is aimed at supporting fellow journeymen on their paths to achieving inner peace and resolve by sharing my experience. My pragmatic and spiritually based worldview has concretely strengthened my relationship with God, improved my interpersonal relationships and helped me become accountable for how I choose to engage with  my circumstance.
I have learned that continued exposure to, and the mastery of, a demanding task is an essential ingredient to personal growth. I have found running to be what works best for me. I encourage each of you to challenge yourself regularly methodically to take an honest accounting of  how you choose engage with yourself, encounter others and seek God. With each consecutive blog entry I hope to explore another dimension or skill set associaled with  personal growth.
The blogger-sphere is filled with pastors, clerics and big thinkers. This space is for real people with profound interest in increases self awareness and experiencing love and acceptance from within. Our Savior has given Himself over for each of is and is very much an active participant in our lives. The Holy Orthodox Church secures the road for our journey.  Take up your walking stick, lace up your sneakers, find your courage and challenge yourself.

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