Friday, November 26, 2010

The Body is Useful at Bending the Will

If you have been following this blog you may have gotten a jump start on your New Year Resolution. I'm hoping you have already chosen your activity and are motivated to give it a chance.  Once you begin the momentum will build and you will steadily build in strength and determination. Your sense of personal accomplishment will offset feeling overwhelmed. Take each session of activity at face value and simply "git ur dun".
We are all fighting a spiritual cancer of indifference.  It is difficult if not impossible to remain indifferent when devoting so much time, effort and sweat equity. The body is a safeguard and shelter for the soul and is also useful at bending the will and directing the mind. I know running is work. Just as walking, swimming or biking is work. Work is synonymous with moving, with your activity, which may be defined as "force times distance resulting in motion".  Join me in a resolution to challenge yourself everyday. Take practical steps to challenge yourself you will learn that quickly how artificial and arbitrary some of our convictions about what we can accomplish really are.
You will set a course and follow your path and in effect you will shatter preconceived notions about personal limits. Set time aside to quiet the  'mind' traffic, refocus by dismissing them or inviting them to join you. For example if I'm running and the rain comes I invite it to run with me. On the other hand if I have an intrusive negative thought, I show it the door, instead of mulling over it. It is a great aid setting that time aside, the alone time to go inward, the body breathing rhythmically, the heart singing its chant and the mind engaging the soul. It is a triune experience. I experience a runners high and gain satisfaction from my runs at disproportionate rates based on the extensive reading I've done. I believe it's the direct result of prayer. When people ask me to pray for them I run.
Commit and keep it fun the road will keep it real. You will learn to trust it. There are intended outcomes and consequences for all of our behavior. The beauty of the system I've been proposing is picking which result you want and then behaving in like manner. Wishful thinking doesn't get your there. It never has for me.
Tomorrow I will talk about taking the marathon challenge. You don't have to run a marathon but I understand why it's the Gold Standard. You can start something tremendous and bring it to completion. You don't have to run a marathon, you could run a half if it will get you to commit. You might chose a triathlon anything which seems just beyond your reach. In order to create peak life experiences it must be challenging. What makes this endeavor so wonderful is in discovering your inner strength and personal resolve while banishing  inner demons. I am the most unlikely person to accomplish such a great undertaking. I am so far removed from a gifted athlete or inspiring individual. My only real strength is my determination. I essentially lack good sense and despite this I press forward.  The sheer distance of the marathon (being the great equalizer) can't rightly be marginalized and demonstrates a perseverance and vested interested. 

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