Saturday, October 23, 2010

Therapeutic Paradigm: Defeatist Ideologies Hold No Place *

I affirm that although one has to learn "the reality of the thing" that is "things as they are" one is never to assume that the status quo is the only possibility. I'm not shy about setting what some might call "super goals"; how else is real change ever possible? In my therapeutic paradigm, unwarranted self doubt and defeatist ideologies hold no place.

Challenge: Without challenge there can be little meaningful and intelligent change. I  lovingly challenge you to embark on a journey to a more creative life, to a personhood that is centered, introspective and strength-based (truth based). I believe and have seen demonstrated in the lives of those who choose so, the curative nature of faith and the healing path of commitment. All journeys begin with a single step; the ancient sage knew full well. So this journeyman's therapeutic methodology is first, common sense, that is, knowing the healing power of taking the first simple and practical steps to appreciate and understand ones own humanity, ones own personhood, ones place and possibilities in the living of this life.

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