Monday, October 25, 2010

Living Unitelligently: Malformed

 Life is too short to live it unintelligently, to accept circumstances as absolute and unchangeable, and to fall short of fulfilling our talents and abilities. It is also our responsibility as a human, to become truly human, to open our hearts to the good uses and the full range of human emotion. A person "scattered" is also malformed, blocked as it were, from their own best self.

Getting from where we are now, to where we really want to be always requires change. There is one absolute, change is painful. But also absolute is the fact that failure to grow is spiritual atrophy and emotional paralysis, the stunting of development, how we become malformed. Failure to change is the abandonment of our own humanity, and our potential as a human being. Such people merely mark time till death, unable to find meaning in even the most meaningful things life has to offer.

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