Friday, October 22, 2010

Orthodox Worldview: Trust the Message and Commit

How believers actually relate to God and gather with one another is reflected in an Orthodox Worldview. This is the process in which we derive our true purpose. As a result we find true peace and joy despite misfortune, trauma or disappointment. Despite modern psychology or claims made by Maslow we do not self-actualization rather we reach our potential only in relation to our partnership to God. Getting starting can be awkward filled with more questions and uncertainty then assurity of anything. First we must acknowledge that apart from God we can do nothing. In our weakness Christ is made strong. We must commit to doing what we can. A prayer rule even a small one is better then no prayer rule. If we don't commit to one then the enemy will be happy to provide us one from his playbook.

Marginalizing simple acts of devotion is generally indicative of individuals who don't want healing but choose rather secondary gains from being stuck. Let's shake off slothfulness (laziness), our despondency (despair) and idle chatter to rouse from our slumbering; from the comatose state to find our authentic self.  Like the paralytic we must decide if we want to be healed. We must accept without our choosing and apart from God we are powerless. We must trust the message and commit in good faith to the journey. Lay down your fear your doubt and get up and walk. The Lord is calling us home, like Noah the animals to the safety of Ark. Equipped with the awareness that we have deviated from our intended path we can rectify course. Challenge your disbelief and choose something which engages your mind, body and spirit.

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