Thursday, October 21, 2010

Stepping Stones, Actualization and Your Journey Inward to God *

Living holistically requires a basic understanding of how we journey inward to find God. What are the fundamentals which develop a character which commutes to God?  We will labor to arouse our true intended self by striving to awaken our Trinitarian personhood which slumbers. When we are alert and well integrated our real life begins.
When we stretch beyond our former limits we establish new thresholds new horizons and create a more complete reality for ourselves. Our ability to mitigate strife and difficulty improves as we are strengthened, elongated and extended. These future successes often are the very stepping stones which were once stumbling blocks. They influence our thinking, feeling and belief. Our self image and sense of spiritual wellness exponentially increased.
Correct living (Orthopraxis), in this context is a pragmatic extension of the forging ahead on your quest despite weakness or shortcoming.

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