Monday, January 10, 2011

Run for Religious Freedom Marathon Stats and Update

This was the most ambivalent training I've had. It was different then the first two marathon trainers in some very important ways. The only similarity between these three marathons was that each was dedicated to the Ecumenical Patriarch and the cause of Religious Freedom.

 Motivation is a difficult thing to fake and it was difficult at times to be excited about the process but I knew that in the end I would be better for doing it and would most likely seek to complete many more marathons through the years.

I will continue to offer the national team-in-training 16 week program free of charge to whomever was interested in Running for Religious Freedom. For future reference simply contact me decide on a race and I'll help you week to week. There were many people interested but few who were willing to take on the challenge themselves. Demetra P. is one who is training for her first marathon this April! This is just the beginning of Run for Religious Freedom and I am setting up my website and store to assist Orthodox Christians to get involved and to create a sense of community in the running world. For those of you who have been following my training and this cause I'll post the stats of this my third marathon dedicated to His All-Holiness and the Inaugural Event for the Run for Religious Freedom.

Cause: Run for Religious Freedom

Participant: Damianakis, Angela
Event: Walt Disney World Marathon Jan. 9, 2011
Female 42 yr. old

Distance: MARATHON 26.2 miles
Clock Time 4:27:32                             Chip Time 4:23:01
Overall Place 3702 / 13522                 Gender Place 1054 / 6267             Division Place 177 / 951
Age Grade 55.1%
5 Mile 48:12                                       10 Mile 1:37:30
Half Split 2:09:46                                20 Mile 3:18:42

O.K. everyone this wasn't a personal record but it is completed. Please know there is always another marathon to take our cause to the streets. Please remember to donate through Paypal (button on this blog) if you believe this a worthy cause.

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