Friday, January 7, 2011

On Being Terminally Ill

There is a healthy way to be ill. Living only in terms of waiting on death is not living.  Even when given a "death sentence" dropping out of life is no way to spend the rest of one's time. It is the perfect opportunity to right wrongs,  repent, to find God now that you have been freed from the superficiality of this world.

Modification of daily functioning may be quite necessary and inevitable but resolving to die is not the point. Accepting the course and circumstance one can harness a resolve not found among most indulged with excellent health and opportunity.

Redefining long term goals and perceiving essentials beyond this mortal life can console, comfort and even motivate. Worry about a pension ten years off becomes insignificant and new emphasis can be placed on acceptance and love,  on forgiveness and faith. These after all are the real concerns the true preoccupations in life.

If desperation and fear kick in we can become obsessed with prolonging life beyond reasonable limits which can be misguided and fool hearty as death will find us all. Dying with dignity comes with living in understanding one's relationship to death and to life eternal. If you seek to save your life you will lose it.

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