Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bondservant Reclaim Your Dignity

Vanquished are the days when man did not waver from obligation

Lost is the era where the mind of man expressed Christian dignity
Loyalty the ultimate inconvenience to self-interest and ambition.

The path of conscience has become the way of ease and slothfulness
Vanity and pride corrupt; separating man from his bond and conversion.
Jargon and rhetoric expel honor; and the Christian from his station.

This theology of prosperity and liberation has entangled and enslaved.
Duals have lost their civility with legal charters of double minded men.
Oaths dismissed and contracts rendered subvert rather then asure.
This disorientated citizenry now without liberty a slave to egotism.
Impulsively cast to and fro and exiled from the Kingdom by obstinacy .
Prisoners of vice and greed; mankind now feeble-minded, frail and homeless.

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