Saturday, March 5, 2011

Prayer A Divine Call And The Human Response

This blog is not written or hosted by a person of note or spiritual dynamism. I am simply a pilgrim on the way to the Savior. I am one of many journeymen being transformed by prayer and for moments re-joining the heavenly hosts in their natural state and transcendent ministry. "Let us who mystically represent the Cherubim. And who sing the Thrice Holy hymn...".

Prayer is the single most powerful tool and state of being. It need not be complicated but it is not easy and yet it is simple. Pray is not tame and cannot be man handled as it were. It contains within it its very own essence and structure and is not dependant on the human 'feeling'  anything or experiencing objectively 'a difference'. In this way it is very much an act of faith.

Through prayer our sorrow is eased, our sadness lifted, our hopelessness relieved. By answering the call to prayer from God we become receptive to the absolute transformative power of the Almighty no matter how imperceptible it may appear. We cannot be in the presence of God and not be changed that is logical and to believe otherwise is irrational. Without God's intervention our own effort is futile.

Although there is no outward tangible gain from prayer the renewal and transformative reshaping of our sinful state is taking place. All prayers for the beginner are "give me" prayers. And as a collective church we are compelled to pray for one another. It is our duty to intercede and make our supplications individually for one another that we should "bear one anothers burdens".

Prayer is the Mystical relationship the perpetual calling of God of us back to Paradise to our perfected state. The most basic form of prayer is our outward response our hearing and heeding that call. According to Matthew the Poor "Prayer then has two forms: a perpetual, vague urge, and an open, intermittent response. In both its forms together, prayer is made whole as a divine-human action a call and a response".

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