Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dismissiveness Fasting and Misery

Dismissiveness will not assist on our journey to unity and integration with God. To dismiss the benefits of fasting for example as a ritualistic, archaic practice without any practical benefit aside from dietary adjustments, is fool hearty. Generally those who would function from this posture have not bowed their head in repentance or inclined their hearts to humility. Only those who are well on their journey homeward understand the benefit of self control and denial of what is natural. I believe the surest solution is to fast to simply practice the fasts as prescribed and wait and watch. It will not be possible to change something as central to a person as eating and not experience a change in mind, body and spirit.

To have a "know all" and then cavalier attitude toward the tools of the Church is to demonstrate complete ignorance and unwillingness to apply what is painfully clear to those who have begun and are well on the road to illumination. Oddly enough it is generally the loudest protesters and first to point to hypocritically at others, who is most miserable and alone in their knowledge of misery.

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